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About CytonomeST:

Cytonome/ST, LLC develops cell detection and purification systems for BioMedicine, BioIndustry, and BioScience. These systems have been purpose-developed for large-scale cell processing in cell therapy development, the pharmaceutical industry, and commercial manufacturers of cellular products.

Cytonome/ST's innovative and proprietary technology is combined with optical detection for the precise and safe selection of discrete cell subpopulations. Our BioMedicine products are aimed at cGMP-compliant cell purification using a closed, sterile and disposable cartridge to guarantee operator safety and sample isolation. These cell purification systems have been designed for the development of novel cell therapies. Our BioIndustry products are intended for cost-effective industrial-scale cell purification applications.

At Cytonome/ST, we strive to provide our customers with cutting edge science and responsive customer service.  We welcome enquiries for collaboration.


Cytonome/ST, LLC was established in 2009 to commercialize and expand upon technologies developed by Cytonome, Inc to produce advanced cell purification tools.


Cytonome/ST's mission is to provide Advanced Solutions in Cell Purification to our customers to enable the development of novel cell therapies, large-scale cell production, and to further scientific discovery.

Cytonome/ST's guiding business practices:

• We collaborate openly with our partners and respond to our customer's needs.

• We market the most advanced, highest quality cell purification systems available worldwide and manufacture our products under the strictest quality control guidelines suitable for cGMP environments.

• We operate under the highest standards of ethics.